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Sun Sign Predictions for 2013

Find out what 2013 has in store for you and your loved ones.

by Joni Patry

Yearly overview and monthly overview for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac for 2013.

69 Page downloadable eBook.


 Downloadable E-book


Predictions for 2013

The Intense Drama of 2013 revealed!

by Joni Patry

The 2013 Predictions will affect everyone. This year can bring personal inspiration with windfalls of luck and financial prosperity. Keep in mind that even thought it looks like a year of gloom and doom, it is a year of transformational change - if you like drama and excitement, this is your year!

  • World Predictions for USA, India, England, Israel, China, Japan and North Korea

  • Analysis of the Yearly Chart (Pisces New Moon)

  • Detailed analysis of the USA chart

  • DeDetailed Month by Month Aspects and Predictions for the Year

  •  Each sign, How 2013 will Affect you Personally

It is a year of challenge and change, war and peace, conflict and surrender:

  • Economy, Banks, Stock Market

  • Threat of Nuclear War

  • Government, President

  • Cost of Oil

  • Peace

  • Discoveries in Space and Time

70 pages, includes New Moon Chart for each month, Charts of Countries and Presidents.


 Downloadable E-book


Transformation of Consciousness 2012 and Beyond

The Mysteries of 2012 revealed!

by Joni Patry

This is it! The year we have feared as the end of the world 2012! Yes it is the end, the end of ignorance! This book was written to enlighten, inspire and shift consciousness in this new era of humanity. The year of 2012 is packed full of radical change and transformation. My new book will prepare you for these monumental changes. The first part of the book gives information everyone needs to get ready for the world changes. There are 88 pages of pertinent information for the coming New Age.

Part I: Transformation of Consciousness is easy to understand with no astrological language. The 2012 trends concerning:
*stock market
*oil and energy sources
*real estate
*government and laws
*nuclear energy and healing disease

Part II:  Astrological predictions looking at the remarkable planetary combinations which predict the biggest year of change we have seen in our lifetime. The final chapter has each month's astrological predictions January-December 2012.
*New Moon charts for each month
* list of the planetary aspects
*specific predictions and interpretations of events, predictions of earth quakes, terrorist attacks and economic crises

Beliefs, religions, politics and spirituality are the subjects for transformation.  This book was written to inspire and transform conscious awareness on our planet now.  The last part of the book explains astrologically all the predictions and trends predicted. Guaranteed to be an easy read!   It is an initiation into understanding our awareness and purpose on earth. 

 Downloadable E-book


Tommy the Rock Opera

Symbolic Interpretation of Pete Townshend's Classic Tale

by Joni Patry

I couldn't believe the profound symbology when I first saw the movie Tommy. Last Spring, for some reason, I was compelled to write down my interpretations about Tommy and now I just found out that Roger Daltrey of the Who is doing a revival of Tommy and touring right now in the US, so I thought this would be a good time for me to share my Tommy interpretation. For those of you who have not seen the movie Tommy, it is available for rent from such places as Netflix and I highly encourage you to see the current tour or to watch the movie and use my book as a guide to its meaning.

Downloadable E-book


How to Make Money Using Astrology

Discovering your Luck and Fortune

by Joni Patry

"Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire, you need an astrologer." J.P. Morgan, founder of Morgan Bank

This is eBook enables everyone to use the power of cycles pertaining to the planets for personal financial gain. In a search to alleviate the massive problems humanity has concerning financial lack Joni focused on the issues of money and astrology. Through self analysis she found the many deep rooted emotional issues we use to imprison ourselves. It is actually our relationship with money that reveals our own self worth. We innately believe money is bad and poverty buys us a ticket to heaven. All these deep seated beliefs are instilled in us at a very early age. But by understanding that money is energy we can shift our mindset from poverty to prosperity.

Cycles of the Planets have influenced the cycles of our social climate and financial trends. These cycles are the natural trends that create balance. With knowledge of the future trends you can make your plans accordingly with the advantage of this powerful edge. You can use astrology to understand these cycles and use them for YOUR best timing to achieve your goals.

All the information gleaned from analyzing wealth through the planetary cycles, billionaire’s charts, the stock market, and lottery winners relates to YOU and how YOU can use astrology to create your best timing to achieve wealth and prosperity.  

Downloadable E-book


Eastern Astrology for Western Minds

...A Compilation of NeoVedic Astrology

by Joni Patry

Eastern Astrology for Western Minds, book by Joni Patry

Joni is a contemporary Vedic astrologer who also looks to the outer planets for predictive guidance. In this instructional book she explains how to use all the astrological information for the most accurate predictions.

This is a comprehensive, foundational book on Vedic astrology, some 212 pages in all. The encyclopedic compilation is comprised of four parts, eight chapters, and Joni's remarkably fluid, easy-going style makes the read go quite quickly. Her extensive use of sensational public personages, like Christina Onassis and Lance Armstrong, quickly draw the reader in to begin applying the foundation predictive principles she teaches in the book.

Also included is a CD containing the free trial version of "the ultimate Vedic Astrology software," Parashara's Light by GeoVision Software, Inc.

ISBN: 0-9755148-0-6


Kala Vedic Astrology Software

Kala is a great Vedic Astrology Software if you are a studying or practicing astrologer looking for an intuitive, easy to use software that is extremely powerful with all basic calculations as well as the most advanced Vedic Astrologic calculations.

Click for Demo Version of Kala.

Kala Vedic Astrology Software

$244.95 for download, $249.95 plus shipping for CD.


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